Diecast #235: Black Mesa, The Outer Worlds


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For whatever reason, my audio is blown out in this episode. I have no idea why. I checked it on my end before we started recording and the levels looked good. This happened a couple of weeks ago and I’m not sure where this is going wrong. It’s amazing that I’ve made 235 of these silly things and I’m still running into new ways that things can fall apart.

I should add that I have my audio going into my headphones and it sounds just fine. The levels coming from the microphone looked reasonable. But somewhere between the microphone and the final recording is a bit of software that’s decided to “help” me a little too much. I was forcibly updated to a new version of Windows a couple of weeks ago. That update is my first suspect, if only because that’s the only thing to have changed recently. I did find a volume slider set to 100%[1], but that doesn’t explain why the levels were fine last week.

I don’t know how people produce regular video content without losing their minds. I feel like every year adds a few more layers of abstraction between me and the hardware.

My voice really is terrible in this one. Sorry. I’d scrap the whole thing, but this episode is a chat with SoldierHawke and we don’t get those very often.

To compensate for this bad sound, I suggest listening to the show in a noisy old car with blown out speakers while driving very fast on a busy highway with the windows down while a truck shadows your blind spot. That should fully mask the audio problems by hiding it under many other audio problems. Also, the constant danger will probably make the show more exciting. Good luck!

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Hosts: SoldierHawke, Shamus. Episode edited by Issac.

Show notes:

00:00 Black Mesa

Like I said in the show, I’m very curious what other Half-Life 2 fans thought of this game.

16:54 Borderlands 3 No-Show

The longer we go without any sort of announcement, the more I’m afraid this project has gotten away from them and turned into a bloated unfocused mess. Issac (the editor on this show) is a huge Borderlands 2 fan and every week for the last year we’ve had the “Any Borderlands 3 news yet?” conversation.

24:23 The Outer Worlds

Link (YouTube)

I’m really sorry I dumped on the looks of this game during this segment. To be clear, those comments were based on this game informer preview and not the trailer. Also, that footage is still pre-release.

Overall, the game is really attractive. Sure, the lip sync is occasionally janky and the faces occupy that weird spot alongside Mass Effect Andromeda where you can’t always tell if it’s supposed to be stylized or not. But this shouldn’t be a problem. Facial animation is not as important as good writing, detailed worldbuilding, solid pacing, consistent characterization, engaging dialog, coherent direction and clear presentation. Going by the trailer, this game has it where it counts.

But for whatever reason, the gaming press is always really hard on Obsidian about their visuals. Bethesda puts out a game with stiff, potato-faced mannequins and shit writing and the world drowns them in awards. Then Obsidian comes in and uses the exact same engine and art assets to make a game that’s ten times smarter and everyone sneers at them for the crappy visuals.

Which is to say: I’m not really faulting the visuals in this game, I’m just worrying that the visuals will harm the game in terms of critical reception.

38:08 Mailbag: What got you into gaming?

Dear diecast,

I had a question for the upcoming diecast. What is the genre that got soldierhawk into gaming. I was pretty surprised when I clicked around on the blog and found that Shamus was an FPS fan first, he seemed to me more like a cRPG guy.

with kind regards

Brace yourself. In this segment I reveal that I started out as a dirty pirate.

46:34 Mailbag: Favorite Achievement?

Dear diecast!

Fun silly question for you all. You favorite in-game achievement, that you got?

E.g., my personal favorite that I got is the “Child of the Elder God” in Alan Wake for not taking damage during metal song scene. It named cool, it has cool icon, and I got it accidentally.

Best regards, DeadlyDark

55:07 Soldier Hawk’s Deus Ex: Hunan Ravioli Playthrough

As always, you can find SoldierHawke’s content on her YouTube channel.

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