Diecast #243: JAI, Warframe, Trailmakers


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Hosts: Paul, Shamus. Episode edited by Issac.

Show notes:

00:00 Welcome Back!

We only missed one week, but I’m coming out of an illness and I feel like I was gone for a month.

02:06 Trailmakers

Link (YouTube)

06:46 JAI

Four years ago Jon Blow said we needed a new programming language for games. I commented on his video at the time. Since then he’s apparently made a lot of progress. I’m currently watching this talk he gave in July 2018, where he says that everyone has been wrong about programming languages for decades. My first reaction to hearing this was, “Okay buddy, you’d better have something really good to back that up.” So far he’s made some really good points (I’m about 1/3 of the way through) and I’m really enjoying seeing him build this difficult thesis.

18:04 Warframe

Alas, I love this game, and it is terrible. In the show I said I hate the art style. But actually, the art style is fantastic:

Link (YouTube)

I wish the whole game had the particular style we see in that trailer. But sadly, the titular warframes themselves are just so cluttered and busy:

You can't see it in this image, but a lot of the frames look like they're made of lumpy plastic bones.
You can't see it in this image, but a lot of the frames look like they're made of lumpy plastic bones.

32:23 Risk of Rain

35:49 Downward Thrust and Bribery

Link (YouTube)

48:47 Mailbag: Fan feedback vs. entitlement

Hello members of the council of the Diecast,

In December of last year. The devs of Spider-Man PS4 got into a conversation on Twitter regarding the inclusion of the Raimi suit in the then upcoming DLC. The ensuing conversation was a back and forth between Spider-Man fans who expressed hope and concern about the Raimi suit’s inclusion, and Insomniac supporters who pushed back against what was starting to sound like bitter fan entitlement.

I got into a conversation with a friend about this last week and my perspective is that video games are just like any other product. A company/people/developer etc. is offering you a service, you buy that service and so, it is basic capitalism. Whoever is selling needs to know the wishes of the public and tune their product accordingly. After all, you don’t want your product to be something nobody wants or sells poorly.

Obviously, there are many exceptions to this sort of thinking. Think F2P games or Games which don’t recieve DLC or other content (this is rare nowadays). And there is a difference between ‘asking’ for changes or additions to a game, and demanding them, obviously.

My question is:

How large do you think the role of the consumer should be when it comes to offering feedback or suggesting additions/changes to a video game that they bought before it becomes unreasonable (eg demanding Nintendo put guns and gore in Zelda games).

Sincerely and apologies for the long question,


58:22 Mailbag: Things you loved in spite of your tastes.

Dearrrrr Diecast,

reading the Denouément 2018 good stuff post, I was happy to see that Shamus mentioned a game that would normally be out of his comfort zone that he tried and loved (Gris). Personally I had a similar experience in 2018 where a game (Slay the Spire) got its hooks in me completely, despite not appealing to me from the outside (I don’t like card/deck games and additionally the art of everything but the cards took me a long time to warm to). What are some of your other examples of games (or other media) that you fell in love with only after ignoring all personal warning signs.

Bonus question, are you guys familiar with Slay the Spire and have you any thoughts on it. If not I wholeheartedly recommend it. It just left early access this week and its one of those few and far between early access success stories (another personal favorite of mine, Dead Cells is a similar story).


Frank Fleurbaaij
(a.k.a. infrequent commenter Baron Tanks)

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