Diecast #244: Anthem, Warframe, Mailbag


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Hosts: Paul, Shamus. Episode edited by Issac.

Show notes:
00:00 Apex Legends

Is the Battle Royale craze over yet? No? Okay, games industry. You can do ONE MORE, and then you need to pick a new fad.

01:45 Anthem Demo

Look, it’s simple. If you want to know who gets to play the game, and when, and for how long, then just consult the following chart:

Some restrictions may apply. Void where prohibited. Use only as directed. All sales final. Do not eat.
Some restrictions may apply. Void where prohibited. Use only as directed. All sales final. Do not eat.

Are we having fun yet?

19:20 Warframe

In the show, I threatened to quit again. But I’m still playing. I seem to have landed in a rut where I’ll do everything that isn’t boss fights, interception missions[1], and spy missions. I don’t know how much more content I’ll be able to do before I run out of non-spy, non-boss stuff. I’ve unlocked Saturn, but I’m spending all my time leveling weapons in survival missions on Ceres.

For the curious, the hyper-annoying boss Issac dealt with was Tyl Regor, at the end of Uranus. (And not the end of Jupiter, as I said on the show.)

39:35 Mailbag: Low-effort video.

Dear Diecast,

Shamus: Are you familiar with Noah Gervais? He’s a YouTuber specializing in long form videos, often retrospectives of whole game franchises. His look back at call of duty was particularly interesting for me as I’ve never played any of them. The reason I wanted to bring him to your attention was his style: he simply reads an essay about a game or series of games over some passably relevant footage. In the past you’ve beamoaned the time required to make video content, but I think that Noah proves you can get away with skimping on the editing if the ideas being presented are engaging enough.

Paul: Who would win in a fight between Bink Video and Speedtree?


If you want to watch some Noah Caldwell-Gervais videos yourself, check out his YouTube channel.

44:45 Mailbag: Dad Mode

Hi Diecast,

As a father of two and full-time employee, my gaming time is constrained. To give context, I spent three years playing Witcher 3. Not a complaint, I loved every minute, just how it is. As a result of this limited time my play style tends towards easy level, enjoy the story.

What does frustrate me to no end however, is when games claim to provide this and then don’t. Prey (which I don’t want to pick on because it is fantastic, I just happen to be playing it now) is guilty of this. I have spent 80% of the play-through really soaking up and enjoying the story and being able to fend off most attacks without too much difficulty.

But as we reach the denouement the designers feel compelled to up the ante – movie style – for big and climactic end of game boss fights so to speak. Based on the play style and difficulty setting, this is something a player like me is completely ill-prepared for, and has had me walk away from quite a few games. I am in fact on my second play through of Prey – this time putting more effort into upgrading my skill-trees and searching more nooks and cranies for resources – in the hopes I would not have to give up right at the end again.

Unfortunately I am very close to giving up again anyway, as the sudden difficulty spike in encounters is still overwhelming.

I guess I just want to hear someone talk about this as it’s a real shame for ‘casual’, or part-time gamers like me. We need a new difficulty level – Dad Level.


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