Diecast #238: Farewell 2018!


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This is it. In this extra-long Diecast we’re cleaning out the mailbag. All questions are answered. I can’t promise that they’ll be answered correctly or even coherently, but you will get some form of mouth-noises in response to your inquiries.

Also note that we spend the first half of the show looking back on 2018, which means I’m sort of spoiling my end-of-the-year retrospective a tiny bit. That series begins tomorrow!

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Hosts: Paul, Shamus. Episode edited by Issac.

03:21 Fortnite

I realize I sound like an old man, but I don’t get it.

07:22 Shadow of the Tomb Raider


12:48 Fallout 76

I don’t think anyone has gathered all of the negative press and PR failures into a single timeline just yet. That would be a big undertaking, but it needs to be done sooner or later. I couldn’t find the Checkpoint episode discussing people getting Fallout 76 nuclear launch codes via brute force, but here’s one talking about the PvP:

Link (YouTube)

17:29 Stocks are down, EA is ruined?

Link (YouTube)

25:32 Marvel Infinity War

I sorta-reviewed this game back in May, and my opinion hasn’t changed much since then. I don’t think the movie really works, but I’m open to the idea that it might work better once we’ve seen Endgame.

32:56 Festival of the Spoken Nerd

Link (YouTube)

It’s so good.

38:54 The Hosting Nightmare

Remember how bad the site was last summer? Looks like the nightmare is over. This is the best the site has ever been. At least, this is the best it’s ever been in terms of performance.

44:50 Mailbag: Carmack and Influential Developers

Deary Diecast,

Shamus occationally brings up John Carmack when talking about influential game developers. I was wondering if any other specific developer, old or new, was influencial for you? For example, Michael Abrash, who worked with Carmack on Quake, wrote many articles in Dr. Dobbs Journal about their research.


50:55 Mailbag: Game Producers vs. Movie Directors

Dear Diecast

Why is the authorship of games usually tied the studio rather than the director like in movies? Both are collective endeavours so why are games referred to as Rockstar or Ubisoft games while we have Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan movies?



In this segment I said I thought Will Wright left the industry. Not so! He’s apparently making a mobile game. Hm.

57:52 Mailbag: Can’t keep up with all these new games!

Hello, Keepers of Castle Diecastle.

It hit me that even though I haven’t played every game I want to play yet, I still feel like I have a rough idea about what most games are about. Compare this to every other medium, where I only know about the really popular stuff and have no idea where to even begin finding something of quality that’s lesser known.

With gaming being such a young medium, it’s in this unique position where many people alive today grew up alongside it. But with the indie explosion underway, my grip on gaming just isn’t sustainable.

What do you think the march of time will do to the discourse when we’ll have more and more adults who haven’t played games released before the year 2000 and you can’t even fool yourself into thinking that you can keep track of everything that’s popular?


1:04:20 Mailbag: Will VR rise again?

Hello Diecast-Team

I belong to the early adopters of the Occulus Rift Release Edition. Between the first few month and the release of the motion controllers tho goggles lay low and had dust set on.
With the Motion Controllers my interest was once again awaikend for 3-4 month and now 8 month of inactivity.
The best games in all the time were those Occulus gave out for free (Farlands, Robo Recall). I also bought a few games, but mos of them weren’t much fun. (Except Project Cars with a driving wheel)
Shamus had the DK2. Have you had a similar experience? Have you ever considered getting the full version or PS VR?
What could possibly rise the interest again?

Wish you well


1:13:18 Mailbag: Best project of 2018?


End of the year question for podcast. So, out of all the things you published/done this year, which makes you proud the most? And the least?

Best regards, DeadlyDark

Allow me to take this opportunity to plug my book. Also, I created a static page for my book here on the blog. Every post or page is given a unique ID. You can see it in the URL. This post has an ID of 45232, which is why you see /?p=45232 at the end of the URL. By random chance, the page for my book wound up with the ID of 45100. This is the first code given to the player in System Shock 2, and serves as the 451 callback for the game. I began my transition to writing with my first book, which was a novelization of the first System Shock game.

So by random chance the ID of the page of my latest book matches the door code in the videogame sequel to the game that inspired me to become a writer in the first place. I realize this is just a very minor coincidence, but every time I see that 45100 at the top my brain starts screaming at me that ALL OF THIS MEANS SOMETHING.

If it does mean anything, it probably means I need to get out more.

1:18:16 Mailbag: Unity Dev Series

Dear uncle Shamus,

I have recently come upon this reddit thread with links to Lucas Pope’s updates on developing Obra Dinn and wrestling with Unity to bring his vision to life.

They are not terribly in depth, but I figured you would find them interesting regardless.

Wasting your time from Italy,

That’s it for 2018, everyone. Be safe. See you next year.

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