How Do I Control My Late Night Cravings? Ft. Dr. Robert Pampin


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Sami and Aleen return despite having a jam packed week of apartment moving and meetings. They start by talking about late night eating and how they both scratch their late night itch as a way to soothe themselves. At 25:35 they talk about intermittent fasting and whether or not it’s the right approach to dieting for them. At 28:40 they talk about Jay-z and Beyonce’s effort to convert their fans to veganism by giving away free concert tickets for life. At 30:50 a listener writes in wondering if she should stand up to her boss after being told she must participate in an office weight loss challenge. At 36:10 they reveal their non scale win of the week. At 49:50 they’re joined by Dr. Robert Pampin to talk about intermittent fasting, healthy lifestyle changes, and more.

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