Is The Body Positivity Movement Actually Helping People? Ft. Tess Holliday


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Sami and Aleen are back and they’re feeling spunky, or is it, funky? At 5:50 Aleen explains her frustrations in looking for a wedding dress assuming that most dresses she sees on her Pinterest boards are not going to fit her the way they’re advertised. She wonders why boutiques can’t make dresses shaped differently to fit a broader range of sizes. At 14:00 Sami theorizes that Tess Holliday’s “Cosmo” cover is only the beginning of plus sized bodies showing up on the cover of major magazines. At 20:21 Tess joins them and explains her long journey to becoming a Cosmo girl and a prominent figure in an extremely competitive industry. At 35:25 Tess responds to the theory that body positivity contributes to obesity.

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