Live Every Day Like 2018 Gaga Ft. Kelsey Wells


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Sami and Aleen are back with a lot to say about “A Star Is Born”. Aleen is dumbfounded and impressed by Lady Gaga’s raw talent. At 7:30 Sami explains that she feels as though the expectation of women is maturing in the entertainment field and Gaga’s turn to more cerebral, introspective music is a perfect example of that. They both feel like it’s becoming more acceptable for women to shed light on themselves that allow them to express vulnerability. At 32:50 they talk about how grateful they are to have not had social media when they were in 8th grade because of how hard it would have made socializing. At 39:40 they’re joined by Kelsey Wells who talks about rehabilitating the way she felt about herself after having her first child. Nutrition helped Kelsey get her body back after child birth but more importantly, helped her beat her anxiety and feel better about herself. At 1:06:05 a listener writes in wondering how to get back into shape both physically and mentally after giving birth.

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