Would You Rather Stress About Your Diet Or Your Relationship? Ft. Jordana Abraham


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With Aleen away on her honeymoon, Sami is joined by Betches co-founder and U Up? podcast host Jordana Abraham. They start with a conversation about the source of their own anxiety and how it contributes to binge eating. They talk about how being in a relationship influences your eating habits. At 10:30 they dive into Jordana’s everyday routine, including how she eats on the weekend and what she considers sweet. They talk about Jordana’s lack of food cravings and how relationships fill the space of that obsession. At 24:20 they discuss the impact of your parents on lifelong habits, the influence of those around you on healthy choices, and figuring out what your ideal weight would be. Is the extra five pounds you want to lose equal to the food and drinks you consume with friends? At 42:40 they talk about wellness influencers and how they can make you question yourself. Then at 51:50 they close out the show with a game of “Red Flag or Diet Breaker” all about your partner’s health habits and which diet restrictions you’re willing to consider.

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