[BONUS] Building resilience in Hard Times Coffee & Conversation with Ameé Quiriconi


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Divorce, changing jobs, shifting friendships, or even say a nasty virus. Hard times and change are inevitable, so how do you make it through and build resilience?

When you are no stranger to dysfunction, trauma, manipulation tactics, and change, times of crises can seem almost calming. Lara Currie & Ameé Quiriconi talk about how good change can come from challenging times.

The COVID pandemic has laid bare the shortcomings and the strengths of our leadership, people's emotions are raw and with that, fear will fill the vacuum. Building resilience and creating sweeping change takes time, like turning a cruise ship in open waters, it can seem, at times, like nothing at all is changing when in fact you (we, us) are headed in a whole different direction.

From divorce to self-esteem, from nurses on the front line to historians from an earlier generation, we dive into it all.

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