[BONUS] Culture, Context, and Discourse - Coffee and Conversation


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If you were to graph out what communication is, it would look like a vast interconnected web that goes on forever. There are so many variables that impact the way we communicate and the way that we perceive others' meanings. 🥺😑🤣 It was illuminating to sit down with my mom Dr. Theresa Smith, to talk about context, discourse, culture, feminism, inter-generational similarities and differences, and everything in between. How often do you think about the impact of your race, sex, region, and generation when you are trying to make sense out of why you see something, hear something, or believe something to be true, so different than someone else??? Some use certain communication styles to deceive and manipulate using tactics such as blame-shifting, obfuscation, gaslighting & using the technique of "word-salad" 🥗to confuse or distract you. Learning how to identify these techniques builds your communication acumen.

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