141 The Importance of Miscellaneous Regrettable Decisions


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We have all made decisions that we later regret. The question is, did you learn the lesson you needed to learn from that miscellaneous regrettable decision?

Ever turned down a great job because of a shinier one on the horizon?

Have you been silent when you should have spoken up?

I have done both! In today’s episode, I share some cringe-worthy moments that impact me to this day and I tell you all about them, what I learned, and what I would do differently today.

What you’ll hear on today’s episode:

  • Trusting your gut
  • What I have learned from my miscellaneous regrettable decisions
  • Trust your gut
  • Not saying yes, and not saying no
  • What is regret
  • Why you should look back at those embarrassing moments
  • How the martyr works
  • Graceful detachment
  • Redirecting behavior
  • The power of what you can control
  • The verbal processor
  • What to say
  • How we react
  • The conflict triangle, triangulation

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