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If you put two people in a room and there will be 4 different points of view. Like the old adage goes 'the definition of a dysfunctional family is more than one person".

Similarly, when you work with a team of people the dynamics are a lot like that of a family. Like a family, individuals can fall into patterns of behavior that impact the whole team.

When you are the boss, the leader of the team, you set the tone, and by their actions or inactions, the patterns and habits that each member follows.

You can set your business up for success and create happy productive teams by knowing 3 things about your employees, tune in and find out what those three things are.

What you’ll hear on today’s episode:

  • What is systems theory
  • Small team dynamics
  • Small business owners
  • Why conflict-types are unique
  • Button pushers
  • 3 secrets turn into 5 (bonus!)
  • What appreciation has to do with it

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