152 The Challenge of Young Leaders with Shelby Moore


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To be an impactful leader you need more than just good management techniques, you need good people skills.

Being aware of what motivates, encourages, fosters, and grows a productive team is something that is learned in the trenches of interaction - where leaders are born.

Being a young leader comes with its own set of struggles, on today’s episode Shelby Moore, a 26-year-old leader in a stressful nonprofit who runs a team of over 40 joins me to talk about breaking stereotypes, proving herself, and building a productive team through transitions.

What you’ll hear on today’s episode:

  • Non-profit culture
  • Young leadership
  • Building consensus
  • Succession planning
  • Growing teams in stressful fields
  • Firing employees
  • Hiring staff
  • How to respond to “I have boots older than you”

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