166 Queen Bee or Bully? Leading a team of women


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Have you ever used the phrase "I'm not like other women"? More often than not, we use this phrase to really say, "I'm not like the stereotype that has been placed on women."

Spoiler alert - none of us are.

Women have been trained to be the caretakers of other people's feelings, and when we deviate from that, especially professionally, it can lead to women being viewed as a "Queen Bee." This myth often portrays strong women as the Miranda type boss from The Devils Wear Prada, which normalizes the behavior.

The truth is, there is no evidence that senior women are more or less helpful to junior women than their male counterparts.

Why does this myth persist? Not for the reasons you may think.

What you’ll hear on today’s episode:

  • Are women tougher on other women?
  • The evolution of women in business
  • "When Meanness was Celebrated" by Shirly Li
  • Queen Bee myth
  • Why we view women more harshly
  • How generational life experiences play a role.

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