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Have you ever worked someplace and only realized, looking back, that it was a pretty toxic place?

Sometimes figuring out that we are working in a toxic company, or with toxic people is difficult. So ask yourself, are you being treated unfairly, or are you just needing "thicker skin"? (spoiler alert - if it’s toxic for you, it’s toxic to you)

A few weeks ago I saw an SNL Skit that was funny but also a little scary.

The skit touched on toxic workplaces, gaslighting, and silencing one's voice through the lens of whiny 20-somethings, i.e.tropes and logical fallacies. What's scary about this is that these things do happen. But, not in the scenario the SNL cast acted out...

That's why I'm introducing a new series called "Toxic or Not." We'll discuss all the ad hominem fallacies and whether or not a situation was actually toxic.

What you’ll hear on today’s episode:

  • What is a Trope
  • Ad Hominem Fallacies
  • Toxic or Not series
  • Sketch shows to check out

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