How History, War and Conflict Repeat Themselves, and How They Affect The Global Resources MarketHow History, War and Conflict Repeat Themselves, and How They Affect The Global Resources Market


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In this week’s show, entrepreneur David Murrin discusses his work around decoding major historical events to forecast global change in today’s world, helping you to make informed decisions that avoid repeating past destructive cycles so that you can create positive actionable strategies for the future.

David has written two books, including 'Breaking The Code of History' which post 9/11, recognises that the world had changed in an instant, and highlights the key process in human social structures that impact on today’s changing world.

Join Rob and David now for this fascinating episode featuring a wealth of hidden agenda.


  • One person’s energy can charge other people’s like a capacitor, but time will decay the charge. If we can survive this peak, then the charge will die down. This is how the world has always seemed to work.
  • David joined JP Morgan because meritocracy was rewarded. He joined the company in order to take risk and win big, and found the risk industry fascinating.
  • Post 9/11, David’s world view completely changed. America’s world influence had peaked, and so the strike against it was even more damaging.
  • David used his newfound knowledge and techniques in the post-9/11 world to more accurately predict the rise and fall of the resource market values, which made him extremely valuable to companies like JP Morgan.
  • It’s usually the commodity price appreciation that leads to conflict. Humans fight over one thing, and that’s resources. We may mask this with religious constructs, but it always boils down to resources.
  • America has to extract itself from the grip of Chinese manufacturing, and Trump has made it clear that this is what he wants. Ultimately, the world will be split between two powers when it comes to resources.
  • A greater trend toward automation is inevitable. Systemisation and the use of AI to find resources underground is definitely coming.


‘I was standing there among sixty hungry cannibals’

‘We make decisions as a collective entity’

‘We’re heading into one of those periods now’

’There will only be an increase in friction’

’There is a two way arms race coming'


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