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In today episode we interview Liz Puddy, an experienced crisis and emergency management consultant who has worked with many mining companies over the years in helping them with the development of their crisis & emergency management plans and procedures. It's a subject that’s not necessarily spoken about daily but needs to be in place should the unexpected arise, in order to minimise any damage and injury.

We discuss what good crisis and emergency management looks like, and how mining companies can benefit from having good crisis and emergency management systems in place; the challenges mining companies face around crisis and emergency management, and whether you should have a proactive or reactive approach to this subject.


  • Crisis and emergency management is about having the appropriate framework and response process in place should the unforeseen occur.
  • Good crisis and emergency management is never a “one size fits all” process. Each contingency plan must be uniquely tailored to the individual needs of the business.
  • When planning for the needs of smaller and larger businesses, the process is generally the same. The resources are generally different, and so is the scale. Risk profile is also greatly increased exponentially depending on the size of the operation.
  • The largest part of Liz’s job is to simplify the sometimes bloated approach to crisis and emergency that companies have developed over the years, including stripping out outdated methodologies and expired safety practices.
  • Good planning allows for a company and its higher management to feel safe in the knowledge that a standardised approach to any crisis can take place, company-wide, and that it will be a consistent, tested response.
  • Crisis management is a cost to any company, and isn’t a revenue generator. But the costs of effective planning can offset huge expense down the road in the event of an emergency. There is a huge benefit to having it.


‘You’ve got to have that controlled and coordinated response’

‘It doesn’t matter what pops up, they’re going to have the means to handle it’

’Never burn a bridge’

‘Are we in a good position to respond to that if we need to?

‘You see a lot of barriers breaking down’

‘It’s like that insurance policy we all begrudge paying for. But if we ever need to use it, we’re very glad that we have it’


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