Ep. 50 - Create your DREAM PERSONAL BRAND as a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur


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Thank you so much for listening to the 50th episode of this podcast. I am so grateful for your support and I am very proud of how far this podcast has grown since starting it at the beginning of 2018! In this podcast episode, I want to empower you to confidently build a multi-passionate personal brand online. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I struggled SO MUCH with feeling like I am not niche enough, that my message is confusing and that others are so much more focused than me - all because I wanted to share more than just business-related content. Today, I share all of my passions and interests that are outside my business (I like to call them "brand accessories") with confidence and fun and now I want to show you how to do the same. Work with me 1-1 to create a standout personal brand online ♡ http://www.lauralangheinrich.com/coaching/ Book a transformational single coaching intensive session to makeover your visibility strategy ♡ http://www.lauralangheinrich.com/intensive/ Follow me on Instagram @Laura_Langheinrich to keep up with me ♡

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