Ep. 56 - ARE YOU READY FOR YOUR NEXT LEVEL? HOW TO overcome your fear of change, Pursue opportunities & ASK for what you want.


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I want to empower you to freely change, adjust and re-focus any area in your life whenever you feel like stepping up a level. In the past, I often felt like I change around too much and too often - that I am not consistent enough and I am not as perfectly "niche" as everyone else. Today I take back my power to fully BE my brand and business and let it uplevel & change when I uplevel & change. Stepping up into your next level version is never comfortable (trust me, I moved abroad at 18 never been away from my parents longer than 1 week - I know that change is f***ing uncomfortable) but if you know it deep inside you that something needs a "refresh" or you simply MUST take this opportunity - you do it. You decide that all the uncomfortable feelings are worth it because whatever this thing is you have to do, it's bringing you closer to your dreams. Step outside your comfort zone and book that event, pitch yourself to your dream client, buy a program from the coach you really want to work with. Many people aren't reaching their goals because they don't do it. But I know you can. So do it.

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