14. Medidata's Chief People Officer, Jill Larsen on How to Transform HR to Drive More Business Value


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The lens on HR continues to intensify. McKinsey talks about the G3 the group of three Executives at the top of the company the CEO, the CFO and the CHRO. But how does a CHRO partner successfully with a CEO and the rest of the executive team?

That's the topic for this week's episode where my guest is Jill Larsen, Chief People Officer at Medidata on how to transform HR to drive more business value. Jill has over 20 years experience in senior HR roles in companies like Cisco, EMC and SunGard. So she is ideally placed to talk about how the role of the CHRO has changed.

In our conversation Jill and I discuss:

  • The key responsibilities of the CHRO in our Modern Age and how these have evolved over the past years
  • The digital transformation of HR and how to bring the rest of the organisation with you along the journey
  • The changing skills requirements for HR professionals
  • We also talk about how you can harness technologies to support this change and transformation
  • And like with all our guests, we look into the crystal ball and ponder what the role of HR will be in 2025

This episode is a must listen for anyone working in HR or Business Leaders who want more from their CHROs and people functions.

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