#147: How 10Web Disrupted Web Hosting


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On this episode of the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast, Tim is joined by Araks Nalbandyan from 10Web. 10Web is an all-in-one website building platform which offers managed WordPress hosting on Google Cloud.

From April to December this year 10Web has grown to now host over 10,000 websites. Araks Nalbandyan is on the show to talk about how they have achieved this using varied digital marketing techniques including Facebook groups, PPC and AppSumo.

What struck us about this interview with Araks Nalbandyan was the energy of 10Web. They worked very hard this year testing lots of different approaches to their digital marketing. When they found a strategy that worked they adopted it into their campaign.

10Web gain new customers through various channels but their most successful channel is a WordPress enthusiast Facebook page which gained 2,000 followers in two months. Building a community such as 10Web's Facebook group can position your brand as an authority in your niche. 10Web is also trialling a YouTube channel.

Tune in to find out why 10Web invested so much in testing out different digital marketing strategies and discover which worked and which didn't.

3:39: Introduction - What is 10Web 3:35: How long has 10Web been going and what scale are you at now? 5:55: What is your main way of getting new customers? 7:00: Do you have a customer acquisition cost? 8:35: Facebook group strategy. 10:22: Is the Facebook group as important as your Email list? 12:05: On the Facebook group, how do you balance selling your product vs giving free advice? 13:17: Was there much trepidation before deciding to use AppSumo? 15:32: How did AppSumo help? 17:50: Disaster strategies 19:54: Winning strategies 23:00: Benefits of Video and YouTube 24:20: Quickfire questions

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