#150: How To Make People Fall In Love With Your Business


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This week on the show, we have Holly Pither from Tribe PR, an independent communications agency specialising in earned media to help organisations of all sizes increase their brand advocacy. She is here to talk about how brands can become 'tribes' and what that can do to build advocacy for your company.

You probably know people who are part of a brand’s ‘tribe’, you may even be part of one. We're talking about someone who is more than just loyal to a brand, they strongly advocate it. A classic example of a brand with a strong tribe mentality is Harley Davidson motorcycles. They know exactly what they stand for, they know who is part of that tribe, and they don't open it up to everyone.

But is your company tribe worthy?

You would be surprised at the array of different companies that are incorporating this 'tribal' brand affinity into their marketing. It can work with B2C and B2B companies. Your brand might never be as 'cool' as Harley Davidson, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a quality product or service that people won’t believe in.

Holly goes through and breaks down how to start to build this tribal brand mentality and helps us understand the most important element:

"People aren't just buying your brand, they are joining it."

  1. 2:44: What is Tribe PR
  2. 4:20: What is a tribe and are there any companies that already have tribes?
  3. 6:30: How would a business know if they have a tribe already?
  4. 7:48: "Is my brand cool enough?" Is this something every brand can do?
  5. 11:49: What's the first thing to do to start becoming a tribe worthy?
  6. 16:40: How do you ensure brand consistency?
  7. 22:55: How do you know your brand is going to resonate with customers?
  8. 26:39: How do you know if this stuff is working?
  9. 33:10 What are some of the successes and failures of the campaigns that you've run?
  10. 37:23 Is there anything that you've done where you've thought "they want to push this but I don't think it's going to work", then it's worked?
  11. 40:00 If you can pick only one marketing channel what would you pick?
  12. 40:50 If you had to annex Tribe PR in the next year, what would you do?
  13. 41:38 If you could go back and give yourself advice on day one of Tribe PR, what would it be?

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