How to Channel Your Mental Energy Into Post-Crisis Success


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This week’s podcast is an ad-hoc episode in light of COVID-19.

We know that business owners need timely marketing advice.

That’s why we’re helping you to self-diagnose your business into one of the four following camps:

  • Camp 1 - Businesses that are close to breaking point and are losing custom fast
  • Camp 2 - Businesses that are impacted but are still selling to some capacity
  • Camp 3 - Businesses that are positioned well but aren’t seeing results
  • Camp 4 - Businesses that are unexpectedly making more sales than ever

Throughout the episode, Tim will address your business – whichever camp it’s in – to give his expert advice on what you should do to survive (or in some cases thrive) during the global pandemic.

As we’ve all turned into yogis during quarantine, much of this episode will be focused on energy.

We’re not talking about crystals and chakras, rather the energy of your customers which is on high-alert right now.

Whether your target audience is feeling on edge, overwhelmed, frustrated, concerned, panicked, bored, awakened or confused during this testing time, it’s your job as a business owner to align your marketing with this energy. Just like we’ve done at Exposure Ninja by creating resources for those who need to learn how to take their company remote at

Depending on your business type, Tim gets you prepared for making the most of your businesses hibernation, adjusting your business to keep sales flowing and maximising any opportunities you can identify.

Above all, our mantra for this period is the classic saying – this too shall pass.

This is a saying we’ve been reminding our clients, colleagues and community of whenever the entire thing seems all-consuming or too much to handle.

By knowing that there is an end to this state of uncertainty, it allows us to prepare for the future.

When it has passed, don’t let your business be behind the curve while your competitors have used this sudden space to polish their products and services. Instead, use this time wisely by making a long-term recovery or focusing on a more immediate comeback by altering what you offer. Finally, if you’re one of the “lucky” businesses with a product or service that’s still accessible, remember to play the fortunate card that you’ve been dealt by investing in your advertising when it will have the most impact.

Remember, while we all have to stay at home right now, we don’t have to stay stagnant.

0:56 -- Which of these four camps does your business fall into?

4:10 -- How to ensure your business survives during coronavirus

5:29 -- Why brave marketing moves can pay off during a crisis

7:46 -- How to align your marketing with your customer’s current ‘energy’

10:17 -- Here’s how we’ve done this at Exposure Ninja

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