How To Hire the Ultimate Digital Marketing Manager


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When business is good and you're too busy to do your own marketing, hiring a marketing manager is the perfect solution.

Given the responsibility of increasing your brand's visibility and sales, the perfect marketing manager will sketch out a plan that will result in significant success for your business — but how do you which marketing manager is right for you?

In today's podcast, Tim talks with Ali Newton, the Head of Sales at Exposure Ninja and former digital marketing manager for a successful B2B company in the UK. Together they talk about how to hire a marketing manager, the skills to expect, and the rewards to look forward to.

In the episode, Tim and Ali discuss:

02:13 — Why Ali became a digital marketing manager 03:05 — Do marketing managers need to be academically qualified? 04:28 — What are the challenges a marketing manager should expect? 07:23 — What skills or qualities should someone hiring a marketing manager look for? 10:13 — Which other skills are essential in a perfect marketing manager? 12:08 — How can business owners make their marketing manager job look appealing? 14:42 — What should the hiring process look like for a marketing manager? 19:31 — What is a good interview process for marketing managers? 21:28 — How to know whether a marketing manager is delivering results 24:35 — How business owners can support their marketing manager achieve their best results 26:29 — How to set a level of pressure that's consistent and rewarding to the marketing manager 28:28

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