Episode 10 - Kinkshaming the Devil


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We're back to the original digi-crew of 3 to get down and dirty with episode 10 - "A Clue from the Digi-Past" or "Kentarumon the Guardian!"

In this episode we get: The beginnings of our digi-downfall (it's time to add digi- to literally everything we can imagine), Mimi consistently misunderstands the concept of (digi)poop, Izzy seriously does not give a fuck about what anyone else thinks, he also finds a power outlet nearing fridge-filled-with-eggs levels of convenience, Centarumon claims to be half-horse and half-man in a world which contains neither, I finally understand the joke behind Izzy's pineapple laptop like 17 years later, we discover Bloodmon - Myotismon's favourite snack, the void (see: digimon wiki) within Togemon consumes Mimi to become a pretty flower girl, Jules' mission for digi-questions leads us into the weird world of Yahoo Answers, and we agree not to kinkshame the devil over his love of BDSM.

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