EP28-How To Build An Upwork Profile That Lands Your Ideal Clients On Autopilot with Robert O'Kruk


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Welcome to another Digital Nomad Podcast Episode.

Do you want to learn how to build an Upwork profile that lands your ideal clients on autopilot? Join me as I talk about how to build a system for generating a steady flow of ideal clients for your freelancer business or agency.

Robert is the founder of the Digital Nomads Forum, a Facebook for digital nomads that is 11k strong!. He’s been a full-time digital nomad for 2+ years & is a professional digital nomad coach over at https://robertokruk.com/

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Podcast Talking Points:

Intro - Staying in an amazing Housesit via TrustedHousesitters.

3:13 - Why did Robert start working online?

5:20 - How did Robert find his first clients?

6:30 - Travelling around South East Asia - While in Bali - The referrals dried up - Time to pivot.

8:30 - Starting with Upwork

9:30 - Be careful who you take advice from!

10:30 Tips for getting started on a Freelancer platform

11:00 - 3 key principles for getting clients on Upwork (Absolute GOLD) Just do this and you will win as a freelancer

20:50 - Build a machine that drives you work on autopilot

23:00 - Building Automations - Textexpander.

25:00 Scaling to $80 an hour on Upwork

28:00 Roberts Retreats for Digital Nomads

31: Courses Robert took to help him along his journey - Jess Walker’s Product Launch Formula - https://jeffwalker.com/programs/

33:40 - Ask about what you need to do next.

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