EP29-Building A Shopify SEO Business with Maggie from Rockpapercopy


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Welcome to another Digital Nomad Podcast Episode.

Tune in to hear how Maggie travelled around the UK as a Freelancer while Housesitting and building her online business. She now focuses on eCommerce SEO for clients with a passion for Shopify.

Maggie is the founder of RockPaperCopy, a business that helps eCommerce store owners by working on on-page seo improvements to rank higher in Google and convert more customers from organic search.

Connect with Maggie at RockPaperCopy or the Shopify Experts Marketplace

Podcast Talking Points:

Moving to the UK from Poland and staying in amazing places by using HouseSitting!

Getting started as a Freelancer by using Upwork

Starting and growing an SEO eCommerce Business

How Maggie got Clients for her SEO business

Tips for other Digital Nomads

Challenges as a non native speaker as a Freelancer

The importance of learning new skills as a Freelancer & Business Owner

With SEO you need to keep your skills sharp and up to date!

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