EP49-Helping Accountants Transition from Corporate to Remote Work with Veronica Sagastume


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Hello and welcome back. If this is your first time joining then, welcome. This podcast is for digital entrepreneurs carving out their slice of the online economy. To download my free guide on starting a business online, head over to digitalnomadcafe.com/start.

Today's guest is Veronica Sagastume. She teaches accounting, bookkeeping & tax business owners how to create and repurpose content to have massive visibility online, attract and convert the right audience to grow their business.

In late 2010, after 20 years in Corporate America as an Accounting and Finance executive, Veronica was craving flexibility, creative freedom and building something of her own, so she launched and grew her own CFO consulting practice (a client-facing, offline, brick & mortar type), serving clients across San Francisco and Silicon Valley. She expanded her consulting practice to the online space to leverage a new audience and create more ways to provide various services.

Topics We Discuss:

How to get business on LinkedIn.

How to build a side hustle while working in your day job.

How to nurture your network before starting your own business.

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