31 - M. Night Shyamalan season: Unbreakable


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Diminishing Returns (Sol Harris, Allen Turing and Calvin Dyson) bring you an episode on M. Night Shyamalan! Yes, in anticipation of the director/writer/sort-of-actor-but-not-really's upcoming film: Split, Diminishing Returns brings you M. Night Shyamalan season. Over the next three weeks, Diminishing Returns shall chronicle the meteoric rise and fall of the career of the infamous film-maker. In this, part 1, we look at M. Night's early work, making pit-stops at Praying with Anger, Wide Awake and The Sixth Sense before diving into Sol's favourite entry in the man's filmography: Unbreakable, a film in which Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson deconstructed the superhero genre before it had been constructed. And, as usual, the gang top things off by pitching their own ideas for sequels.

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