Am I Strong Enough To Deal With The Sh*t Today?


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Black lives matter.

The sh*t is out there. Everyday, women have to decide how to handle it in ways men just don't. What to wear, going to a party, responding to catcalls: these choices all have consequences. And there is a reason most animals in the wild avoid predators by playing dead.

This episode is a conversation between Heather and Tennile Marie (@tennilemarie). Tennile brings up the lack of proper sex education she had growing up, and the questions about her own body she had to figure out for herself: How does the vagina work? Is there any way a tampon can even fit up there? Is discharge supposed to happen, or is it bad? And speaking of discharge, this episode also includes Heather asking our producer Alex to report everything he knows about discharge. Or crotch snot, as Tennile refers to it.

As the conversation progresses, the focus becomes the constant state of awareness that women must adopt all the time when interacting with the world. From an early age, it is just ingrained that any decision could possibly lead to violence, and that a woman can be a target just by being a woman. Which decision will lead to the least amount of violence? Is this a situation that can be fought? Or is it better to just let predatory behavior happen, and try to move past it without really talking about it?

It is important to have space to talk about topics like these. It is important to have representation in all parts of society. And it is also important to make sure you have some extra tampons in the bathroom. Whether you are a gender that needs to use them or not, never hurts to have a few extra tampons available.

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