Episode 143: Feliz Navi-Dads: McRib(eiro/a) is Back (ft. Eti Emokpae)


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The boys are joined by Eti Emokpae to spend more time in Galicia, specifically Ribeira Sacra and Ribeiro. Due to a hefty amount of CBDs, Duck actually can pay attention and not do depression and Eti is just an absolute delight. Kevin does cool things too, really, all in all, it's perfect and it's such a great way to leave Spain for a bit. What a wonderful season, catch the boys on Patreon this week to dissect it. ////LIST////
Fedellos do Couto, Ribeira Sacra, 'Conas Brancas,' 2018//
Bernardo Estevez, Ribeiro Branco, 'Chans e lus', 2018//

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