Episode 155: Loire-dew Valley Part 1: Grolleau Down Dirty Shame


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The boys have started another season, and this one is a doozy: welcome to the Loire. It's their first in person episode in over a year, so you know there's gonna be a LOT of social anxiety. Luckily, they are talking about grolleau, which is fun and delicious and cool, but probably doesn't need the same attention as, like, chenin (do not dm me about this). Patreon, plz, for full list of the season's wines (and guests) ////LIST////
Julien Rousseau, VDF Grolleau, 'Sur le pouce,' 2019
Marie Thibaut, VDF Grolleau, 'Le Grolleau,' 2019
Bruno Rochard, VDF Grolleau, 'Gue des Muriers,' 2019
Bruno Rochard, VDF Grolleau, 'Les Coteaux Kante,' 2014
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