Episode 156: Loire-dew Valley Part 2: Baz Luhrmann's Sancerre Rouge (ft. Miguel de Leon)


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The boys are joined by the world's favorite sommelier, Miguel de Leon, to discuss Sancerre again -- but this time, it's the good kind. Forget sauv blanc, baby, we're talking pinot noir, and honey, these wines whip. Huge insane people energy episode, but frankly, if you're not going to get weird about pinot noir on limestone, what are you doing talking about wine? Please support our guest by purchasing the Disgorgeous Zine from any number of fine retailers near you, or by emailing disgorgeouspod.com and purchasing a pdf copy. You can also find his work in Punch and Bon Appetit, once you've read the zine and internalized the teachings. ////LIST////
Lauverjat, Sancerre Rouge, 2018 //
Francois Cotat, Sancerre Rosé, 2012//
Vincent Gaudry, Sancerre rouge, 'Vincengetorix,'
2018 ////

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