Episode 81: Beer Eye for the Wine Guys (ft. Garrett Oliver of Brooklyn Brewery)


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The boys are joined by Brooklyn Beer’s Brewmaster and bestselling author Garret Oliver to discuss the intersection between wine (bad) and beer (cool, good, fun). Everyone’s munching on ciabatta and ricotta, so this is a long episode with a lot of digressions — expect some cool chatter about socialist beer movements, ancient grains, Duck having bad beer opinions, and Kevin namedropping all the cool beers he knows. Sorry if you have a beer guy beard, we all seem to be mad at those in different ways, also, obviously at sommeliers and lying Europeans. Please come to our dinner at Vinegar Hill House October 14, and also come see all of us at Wild World Festival October 28 at Berg’n. Please also go the Brooklyn Brewery Tasting room, and buy The Oxford Companion to Beer. Also drink his beers.

List ///

Jester King /Brooklyn Beer/ Southhold Farm+ Cellar, ’Three to make ready,’ //

Jolly Pumpkin/Jester king, 'Citrus Commander’ //

Natalino del Prete, Negroamaro, ‘Anne’, 2017 //

Brooklyn Brewery, Ghost Bottle ‘Coup de Foudre’//

Thornbridge Brewery / Brooklyn Brewery, ’Serpent’ //

Brooklyn Brewery, ‘Megapurple’///

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