Episode 82: I Shot the Tarrif (special bite size episode)


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Listen, before you get mad… have you considered that we’re baby? MICRO EP ft two insanely nervous boys discussing their wines before a sold out dinner at vinegar hill house. What fun it was. Everyone who WAS there got a secret extra 3 hours of content and hot takes, so like, next time come to our events?? Also, please note that this was supposed to be longer but some olds tried to eat dinner and gave Duck anxiety. Pray for Duck. Don’t worry, fans of long podcasts! We’ve got some INSANE guests in the works and some serious heat coming into this season. Please do catch us at Wild World October 28 and Niche Niche Tuesday December 3rd. Love you, remember to drink water etc.
Jess Miller, Pet Sounds, 2018//
A los Vinateros Bravos, Itata Blanco, ‘Granitico,’ 2018//
La Clarine Farm, Mouvedre, ‘Cedarville,’ 2017///

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