Episode 84: Lo-Fi Beats to Chill and drink Cab Franc To (ft. Mike Roth of Lo-Fi Wines)


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The boys are joined by Mike Roth of Lo-Fi Wines to finally pierce the veil and drink Cabernet franc. The boys are so hungover, honestly, this was a mistake. Luckily Mike knows a ton about sustainability, organics, theology and elephant seals. Kevin made one single square of pizza for everyone and Duck has self loathing. Please buy Mike’s wines early and often, and consider getting some of our merch for your enemies this holiday season. Also! Patreon.com/disgorgeous and COME TO OUR DINNER AT NICHE NICHE DEC 3. Dm them? They’ll help you make reservation?

Mosse, VDF Cabernet Franc, 2016//

Patrick Corbineau, VDF rouge, ‘les puits saint Michelle,’ 2009//

Lo-fi, Santa Barbara Cabernet Franc, ‘coquelicot vineyard,’ 2018//

Lo-Fi, Santa Barbara Cabernet Franc, ‘clos mullet,’ 2018////

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