Episode 86: Struck in the Middle With You (ft. Chris Struck)


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Listen up bucko, there is no way you are going to get out of this having learned about the terroir of Franciacorta. You’re going to have to do that on your own, because the boys gleefully spent about 45 minutes derailing guest Chris Struck’s attempted monologue about it. Instead, you’re going to hear three powerful wine divos in the prime of the power and influence get absolutely out of their minds discussing method traditional sparklers without saying the word “Champagne.” There’s a lot of shots and quite a few edits, so probably none of this is legally actionable but also, uh parody laws are a thing, right? Literally though, if it’s not clear as hell from how much fu we had, these wines all are incredible joys, and frankly overdeliver. Put them in your repertoire and smoke them. Thank you to our guest, and go visit him at Union Square Cafe. If you buy a good enough wine he will show you his feet. Please visit disgorgeouspod.com, check out Patreon.com/disgorgeous and come to see us at Niche Niche December 3, 2019.

Caracolli Cellars, Santa Lucia Highlands, ‘Brut Rosé,’ 2010 //

Jo Landron, ‘Atmospheres,’ NV //

Cellar Mas Candi, Cava Brut Nature, ‘Indomable,’ 2012, but back label is “L-09.” It’s old, ok? //

Underberg, ‘Little big mistakes,’ NV //

1701, Franciacorta Rosé DOCG, NV //

Chateau Mukhrani, Muscat, ‘Dessert wine’ NV //

Breads kitchen, chocolate babka, 2019 (presumed) //

Domaine Valentin Zusslin, Cremant d’Alsace, ‘Rosé brut zero,’ NV ///

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