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Mike and Patty Hultquist are the power couple behind the spicy food paradise, Chili Pepper Madness, where bold, vibrant flavors of all types come to life.

Mike is the cook and crazy wild chilihead, and Patty is the photographer and official taste tester for the Chili Pepper Madness food blog. Together they are the team that brings you zesty fare from around the world.

Mike is the author of The Spicy Food Lovers’ Cookbook and The Spicy Dehydrator Cookbook. He considers himself a “gourmet chilihead,” cooking up a range of foods from zesty Cajun cuisine to hot and spicy Thai and American cuisine to the hottest of the hot and anywhere in between. He has a deep passion for sauces and hot sauces and anything with big flavor.

Patty is a "converted chilihead," who gained a passion for spicy foods over the years and now can’t get enough of them. Together, the Hultquists offer a perfect balance of fiery and flavor.

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