#Bonus - Numbers don't lie! Answering to backlash by measuring your DEI footprint, with Kate Bourdet, Global Lead for Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging at Orange Business Services


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#015 Diversity Secrets podcast is back for a bonus episode with Kate Bourdet who leads Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging at Orange Business Services, part of the French Telecom company Orange Group.
In this up-front conversation, Kate shares with us what the notion of Belonging means to her, and we discuss what implications it holds for a company in order to make sure that employees can bring their true authentic selves to work, and belong there.
Kate raises an important point: a truly transformative and impactful DEI policy implies disruptive and uncomfortable change in a company. And with discomfort often comes backlash. To respond to backlash, there’s nothing better than presenting the facts, because, as Kate puts it: numbers don’t lie! That’s why Orange Group partnered with Mixity.co to establish an equal-opportunities footprint and measure their levels of diversity and inclusion around gender, sexual orientation, disability, multicultural and multigenerational dimensions. Mixity established a 360-degree view of D&I at Orange and Kate tells us how this assessment took place, what stuck out, and how this benchmark serves as a stepping stone for a fact-based DEI action plan at Orange group.
Finally, as a former communications and marketing manager herself, Kate tells us how her professional background contributes to her DEI mission, especially when it comes to getting all managers on board with DEI at Orange.
Do not hesitate to connect with Kate Bourdet on LinkedIn (@Kate Bourdet) or Twitter (@KateBo) to continue following her journey as a DEI leader and her work at Orange Business Services.
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Mixity.co, the first digital HR solution for assessing, managing and promoting D&I in businesses of all lines and sizes. Mixity gives you a 360-degree view of your D&I footprint on 5 dimensions: gender equality, sexual orientation and gender identity, disability, cultural and social origins, and age. Be sure to check out their website for more information: https://www.mixity.co/

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