How to Succeed at an Impossible Job, with Sarah Cordivano, Head of DE&I Strategy and Governance at Zalando


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#017 For our first episode of Season 3, “How to Succeed at DE&I”, we are thrilled to welcome Sarah Cordivano, Head of DE&I Strategy and Governance at Zalando, a fashion e-commerce headquartered in Berlin.

Sarah published her first book in August 2022 “DEI: How to Succeed at an Impossible Job”, a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to impactful DE&I work. Whether you are a practiced professional in the space, or new to the field, this book is a must-have resource. Akin to the book itself, this episode feels like a friendly chat with one of Europe’s most competent DE&I experts. Sarah lays out for our listeners the 5 building blocks for setting up your DE&I work for success:

  1. Finding the right executive sponsor to bring your DEI work forward
  2. Creating a strategy with the right people in the room
  3. Getting DEI ranked highly among other business objectives
  4. Measuring the success of DEI work
  5. Avoiding burnout and emotional fatigue in DEI work

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