Season 2 - Why Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Really Matter


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#007 Welcome back to Diversity Secrets Podcast!
We’re excited to be back with a brand new season called “Why it really matters”. We ask ourselves: why should companies care about DEI?
In this new series of interviews, we will explore the business case for DEI, as well as the social justice imperatives that push companies to act. Recent and prominent studies have reaffirmed that diversity and inclusion are good for business. So why is the corporate world making such sluggish progress towards diverse, equitable and inclusive work places despite DEI being correlated with such clear wins? Is the business case robust enough to drive real change? Baring in mind recent social protests across the globe, is DEI today a business must, or simply the right thing to do?
We have a very exciting line-up with guests coming from the academic and the NGO world, as well as speakers who lead DEI in a wide variety of firms such as Schindler, Dow, Volvo, Disney, Pfizer, and more!
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This season, we’re partnering with, the first digital HR solution for assessing, managing and promoting D&I in businesses of all lines and sizes. Mixity gives you a 360-degree view of your D&I footprint on 5 dimensions: gender equality, sexual orientation and gender identity, disability, cultural and social origins, and age.
Be sure to check out their website for more information:

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