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Welcome to the Diversity Secrets podcast, the podcast that explores the secrets behind leading authentic, impactful and successful diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace. Through meaningful dialogue with leaders in the field, we aim to help organizations build, accelerate and promote DEI in the workplace and in our communities.
In our first season, “On the Job”, we focus on DEI practitioners themselves, because behind every impactful DEI program, lies a team of people. We’ll ask ourselves: What does it really mean to work in DEI? We'll talk about their accomplishments, the structures they've evolved in and how those have impacted their leverage in accomplishing their mission. We'll discuss the challenges and lessons along the way, as well as the little pieces of advice they can now share. But most importantly, we’ll hear about their personal journeys and DEI stories: what has brought them to the work they do today?
We have a very exciting line-up with guests that have lead DEI in large firms across the globe, such as Uber, Sodexo, Aveva, ABB, Danone, LinkedIn, and more so be sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, and tune-in next week for our first episode!

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