Why B2B companies should also care about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, with Luisa Boaretto, Regional Inclusion & Diversity and Employee Experience at Dow


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#010 This episode, we continue to uncover why DEI is important to business, including in the B2B sector, with Luisa Boaretto, Regional I&D and Employee Experience at Dow, an American material science global company.
Luisa starts by explaining the business case for DEI at Dow. And it’s a strong one. Dow’s business and relevance relies on bringing ever more innovative solutions. From that standpoint, diversity, equity and inclusion are essential for employees to thrive, reach their full potential, and bring about the innovation Dow needs. And so, today, inclusion is actually part of Dow’s mission statement. In fact, Luisa tells us that DEI is treated with the same regard as any other business strategy in the company: and results are showing. This impeccable business case has allowed Dow to develop a strong DEI strategy impacting both the workplace, the value chain, and the communities in which they work.
However, Luisa reminds us that human minds both have a rational and irrational side. In that sense, a strong business case may appeal to the rational mind, but a strong purpose and moral case are also key to building the right arguments for DEI in the workplace. This is all the more true as businesses are now expected to perform on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria, of which DEI KPIs and metrics form a part of.
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Do not hesitate to follow Luisa Boaretto on Twitter (@luisa_boaretto) to continue following her journey as a DEI leader. To learn more about Dow’s DEI strategy, and initiatives, you can visit their website, and be sure to check out their 2021 ESG Report, as well as their corporate Twitter account(@DowNewsroom). You can also follow Dow’s Chief Inclusion Officer, @KarenS_Carter, Dow's CEO @JimFitterling and @H_Ungerleider Dow’s CFO, who regularly post about these issues.
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