Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is good for your bottom-line, and for your people, with Alvine Trémoulet, Global DEI Leader at Pfizer


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#012 In today’s episode, we are honored to welcome Alvine Trémoulet, Global DEI Leader at Pfizer.
In this enriching conversation, Alvine tells us about her own inclusion journey as an employee for over a decade of the American pharmaceutical corporation, and shares her experience as a DEI leader for the past 5 years.
Alvine makes a point of granting the upmost importance to individual journeys when it comes to DEI. This means distinguishing between the concepts of equality and equity, and incorporating the notion of intersectionality in DEI initiatives and programs. We discussed the importance of using careful language, and demonstrating nuance and tolerance when trying to convince people of the importance of DEI. Finally, Alvine explains how DEI is both a business strategy that matters for the bottom-line of the company, as well as an opportunity for corporate activism and social impact. In what is called today the Great Resignation, DEI is especially a tool for attracting and retaining talent, through an inclusive company culture. All in all, Alvine leaves us with some concepts to reflect on, as well as some inspiring examples to take away.
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Do not hesitate to connect with Alvine Trémoulet on LinkedIn (@Alvine (ASSENE EKOUMOU) TREMOULET) to continue following her journey as a DEI leader. To learn more about Pfizer’s DEI strategy and initiatives, be sure to visit their website: https://www.pfizer.com/about/responsibility/diversity-and-inclusion
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