267: The Alter Ego Effect - Interview With Todd Herman


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Hey there word nerds! Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing Todd Herman, who I am honored to count as one of my mentors.

I first met Todd about five years ago, when he gave a talk at an entrepreneurship event, and right away I could tell that he was speaking my language. You see, Todd is a performance coach who specializes in the mental game. He works with ambitious entrepreneurs, athletes, and leaders who want to achieve wildly outrageous goals, like building a multimillion-dollar business, reaching an Olympic podium, or launching an international brand.

He’s run his own sports science training company for over twenty years, and his signature performance system, 90 Day Year (which I use regularly in my work and my writing) has been named the world’s top leadership and skill development program—not once, but twice!

Todd is also the author of the Wall Street Journal bestselling book The Alter Ego Effect which we’ll be discussing today.

In this episode Todd and I discuss:
  • The great superpower that all humans have
  • The thing all top performers do
  • How seeing that you have many selves can lead to greater mental health and performance
  • The trap of the “authentic self”
  • How to choose and activate an alter ego
  • Why this technique is so useful for writers
Plus, his #1 tip for writers.

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