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Back once again, it's me! Dj Diabolic! You may have stumbled onto my older podcast back in the day called The Function, which at one point, had just under 10,000 subscribers...but as things ofter happen, I let that page go and hadn't made a post to that podcast in quite some time. It was a matter of time before the tumbleweeds took over and turned my page into a ghost town. So, here we are again, with the new podcast page, the Dj Diabolic Official Podcast. Expect a hearty dose of house, twerk, breaks and really whatever ends up in the mix. After a couple podcast, you'll understand how I was able to attract a large following. Stay tuned to this page by subscribing and send me an email with any possible tracks you would like to hear or have featured. You can still find my original podcast, The Function at: or by searching in the iTunes store. Thanks for stopping by. I'm sure you'll enjoy what you hear. Cheers.

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