Upping Our Ability To Network With The RIGHT People: Spencer G.S CSO, Vintro


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Spencer Gordon-Sand is a 22 year old entrepreneur and technologist, former pro-league fencer (now pro-league fencing photographer), built and solid his last company Best as an aqua-hire to the company he is now the Chief Strategy Officer at… Vintro.

Vintro is essentially disrupting our ability to network with the best and right people "creating opportunity by allowing you to purchase time and attention from key global decision makers."

In the past and still today, whoever has access to the best resources are usually the individuals with the best network. By making it easier than ever before to get an introduction with a BIG PLAYER in the world who is willing to hear out your ideas, Vintro is working to make it so that those with the best ideas are the ones who get access to the best resources. Making steps towards a truly meritocratic world.

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Learn more about Vintro at: MyVintro.com

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