Ep. 36 Westby Fisher, MD -- MOC? More like WTF (part 2)


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WTF is up MOC? (Part 2)

If you have not listened to part 1, please do so first. (Ep 35)

How many of you listening write checks to your specialty board for the privilege of Maintenance of Certification? I will pay over $3k over a 10 yr period plus a ton of paperwork to my board so they can sign off on my certification. Most of you listeners do so as well. We do this because its just another of the burdensome regulations that physicians have to do to maintain licensure and certification and also most insurance companies expect it in order for us to bill our services. Most of us have never questioned the step even though we hate the fees and paperwork.

My next guest Dr. Westby Fisher looked into the board certification MOC for internal medicine and went down the proverbial rabbit hole and discovered or should I say uncovered a story that seems to have very little to do with physician certification or patient care.

This is a long episode that I split into 2 parts. Please listen to this episode first and then part 2. I would say you will be shocked but with the way things have been headed in healthcare, you probably won’t be.

Thanks Dr. Fisher for all your work to help physicians become aware of the MOC process.

I encourage those listening to contribute to the go fund me page and help fund this fight. Lets stop this physician learned helplessness and take our profession back.

In my opinion, the whole MOC process is like a bad actively managed mutual fund. I see no value in the additional layer of management forced upon us and its costing our time and $$ while I don’t see evidence of improved performance over time. I expect better than this from the “academic leaders” of our respective fields. What do you think?

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You can follow Dr. Fisher’s blog at http://drwes.blogspot.com/ where he goes into depth on these topics. You can also follow him on twitter @doctorwes and help fund this fight https://www.gofundme.com/practicing-physicians-of-america

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