Ep 39. Robert Felberg, MD -- Negotiation skills for Physicians


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Negotiation for MDs

How are your negotiation skills? Do you love bargaining or do you cringe at the thought of trying to make a deal.

Negotiation is a critical tool in our careers and can literally make or break our financial and professional futures. My guest Robert Felberg, MD talks about important topics in negotiation as they relate to physicians.

What is a matrix?

What are the models of negotiation

What can you do to improve your negotiation skills?

This episode is vital for early career and mid career physicians. Listen to Dr. Felberg talk about the types of tactics that you can use to improve your bargaining position, who you are actually negotiating with, and how to do without seeming selfish.

We talk about negotiations for compensation and also with insurance companies and even your family.

Finally he recommends a book for negotiation that I had not heard of called Bargaining for Advantage by Robert Shell. (Note if you buy through this link, I get a small referral fee)

You can find out more about Dr. Felberg and his negotiation course at NegotiationMD.com

as follow his blog where he also delves into some financial topics.

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