Ep. 44 Disability Insurance (Q&A with a disability lawyer and broker)


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My guests on this podcast are Ed Comitz and Stephanie Tsang. Ed is an attorney in AZ who specializes in disability insurance lawsuits. Stephanie is a broker who deals with who deals with disability insurance.

We talk about the basic information needed for physicians regarding disability insurance. We clear up some of the misconceptions.

We discuss individual policies, association policies, and employer policies and which ones are generally better for you the physician. There are definite pros and cons to the insurance types.

  • What is double dipping as far as benefits?
  • Which companies are most favorable to physicians?
  • Why does it matter which state you are from?
  • What happens if you want to change policies?
  • Is there a cap on amount of insurance you can get?
  • What should you know before you file a claim and what happens when you file disability?
  • When should you consult a lawyer? (Answer: before you file disability)
  • When should you drop your disability insurance?

Stephanie Tsang

NorthStar Resource Group



Ed Comitz



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